Our model offers a holistic approach to achieving individual and business goals - our end-to-end solutions make social investment efficient and cost-effective, thereby enabling clients to focus on what they do best.

Benefits of the model for our clients

Skills Development There are now five bonus points if 100% of the black learners are absorbed into employment with the organisation or in the industry. Organisations will now have to choose learners carefully and choose quality learners and learnerships rather than just focusing on the numbers. It also means that we will see a rise in learnerships for senior, top and executive level as a response to the section on Management Control (previously Employment Equity and Management Control) Sub –minimums in this pillar have been removed however there are specific targets for African, Coloured and Indian people according to gender.

Socio Economic Development companies can claim the full value of their contributions by earning points for the SED code of their score card. The most critical aspect of this Element is that SED initiatives should result in the sustainable economic participation by its intended beneficiaries and discourage actual dependence on hand-outs.

Recruitment the model will save companies time and money in searching for the best learners for Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships.

Benefits of the model for Society

Solutions to major problems relating to skills development shortages and unemployment.

Process Flow