Southern Palace Foundation is a non-Profit Organization focused on improving the lives of previously disadvantaged South African Youth. The foundation was established based on the raising number of unemployed youth who do not have necessary skills for employment and the widening gap of critical and scares skills shortages in the country.

The aim of the foundation is to bridge this gap by serving as a solution to both the society and Business. The society will benefit from the foundation by receiving guidance, mentorship, critical skills and financial aid. Business will benefit by meeting their BBBEE targets and being able to easily recruit the scarce and critical skill for their organization.

The foundation will focus on occupations that are classified as high in demand and critical for specific industries such as world-class engineering skills, Specialist Medical Practitioners, Physicists and Astronomers, Meteorologists, Statistician, Mining and Metallurgical Technicians, Draughts person, Ships Deck officers and pilots, Project Managers and Steam Engine and Boiler Operators to name a few.

The foundation is committed to broadening its network of donor partners to enable life changing upliftment of the South African Youth.